GyaaNomics, a mash-up set in a fireplace chat format brings you “Gyaan” i.e. knowledge on global finance and marketplace dynamics set to unleash “Gyaanis” out into the world. We aim to bring you the most relevant financial, economics, and investment news from around the world.

At the core of GyaaNomics are the news stories, commentary and analyses from our team of writers. Our authors currently range from investment bankers in India, private equity investors and bankers in the Middle East, to MBA students from Australia and the USA writing about the investment banking, fund management and securities industries.

We analyse trends and issues and provide in-depth coverage of M&A, private equity, debt and equity capital markets, fund management, information technology and recruitment. In addition to the daily news service, our content will soon branch out to include management news and invaluable advice on career development for next generation leaders.

Our navigation is focused on four core sectors: Asset Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity and Trading and Technology. Whether you want access to top news of the day, analysis of news breaking events, a considered view of trends, or aggregation of world class newssources, you’ll finds links to all of it from our pages. Each of these links are specially designed to closely resemble your businesses today and in the future.

As a one-stop destination, GyaaNomics gives you all the tools you need to stay on top of the markets, the people, the trends and the ideas shaping your job, your company and your industry.

After all who doesnt want a Gyaani in their portfolio mix 😉

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