VC Address of Choice? Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park

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Alexander Muse has a great post about where most VCs in the US can be found and logistics of what you need to know as an entrepreneur

The most active VCs in the world are located on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. Just take a look at the map above and you will get a sense of just how many firms are located on this one small street. FYI – the rent in this area is higher than Manhattan or London’s West End ($144/sqft). VCs in the rest of the country just don’t seem to be doing much. Sure there a few good firms in Boston and New York, but the time and capital it will take for you to go visit them is equivalent to the time and capital you could spend visiting 10 to 20 firm on Sand Hill Road. Here are some of my hints for entrepreneurs:

– build your short list of VCs on Sand Hill Road to visit
– start booking appointments two weeks in advance of your trip
– meetings can be booked almost back-to-back (takes 5 mins to get anywhere)
– rent a car (trip from SFO or San Jose= $70 cab, cabs are rare in Menlo Park)
– book a room at the Stanford Inn (the Rosewood is great, but expensive)
– setup your virtual office at the Madera Bar at the Rosewood Hotel (across the street and free wifi)
– Plan to meet people for drinks and dinner each night at the Rosewood – it is a great VC scene

Here are a few of the firms you will find on Sand Hill Road:

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